Hi, I'm Riza.

Right now, I'm building coding school with my friend Ronald Ishak. It's called HACKTIV8. If you need some guidance on programming and career in software development, let me know!

I run JakartaJS, a community for JavaScript Ninja nearby Jakarta area. We held meetup every single month. I also run Facebook's Developer Circles Jakarta. So if you are nearby Jakarta, please do come or become our speaker at the meetup.

In my spare time, I also produce a podcast called Ceritanya Developer Podcast. I interviewed prolific developers, software engineers, and technology person from Indonesia. To motivate, inspire and encourage young developers to become a great one.

Ocassionally, I send an email to my list. I talk about all tech-related, making stuff, tips and tricks for developers, and interesting events.

Also, I do a screencast for Random Screencast on random technology and random time. I also experiment with live streaming format recently.

Recently I run a publication called Pujangga Teknologi to produce technology related, awesome quality, written content in Bahasa Indonesia, weekly basis.

The Best Things I've Published